Car Hire

car-hireRayz Afrika Tours & Travel Ltd has got a wide range of carefully selected vehicles for Hire.
Traveling in Uganda can at times be stressful if you do not have a car at your disposal.

Uganda?s public transport is not reliable and in most cases not suitable for holiday and Safari makers.
Some tourist attractions can not be reached by public means.

Rayz Afrika Tours & Travel Ltd has got solution for all car hire/ rental problems and difficulties.
We have got a wide range of vehicle fleets suitable for all activities such as City driving, Off – road safaris, group transport e.t.c

We offer economy, Luxury and Specialty Vehicles in top Condition. Our range of models includes small and standard salons, small and big 4WDs, Minibuses and Coaches. All choices of cars on hire offers good safety features, well maintained, comprehensively insured and their prices are competitive.